Vascular Lesion Center at Lurie Children's


The Vascular Lesion Center (VLC) at Lurie Children’s is focused on providing comprehensive care for infants, children and adolescents with vascular lesions. Vascular lesions refer to lesions which are composed of blood vessels. Some vascular lesions, known as vascular malformations, are an abnormal collection of blood vessels that arise during fetal development. Others, such as infantile hemangiomas, are tumors composed of blood vessels and the cells that make up blood vessels.

In 2002, our specialists created the VLC to bring experts from across our medical system together to diagnose and treat children with vascular lesions, utilizing the most updated knowledge and techniques from the pertinent specialty areas.

The Lurie Children’s Difference
Our program is a collaborative effort between the pediatric specialties of plastic surgery, dermatology, interventional radiology, oncology, otolaryngology, physiatry (also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation), psychology and social services. This multi-specialty model incorporates valuable expertise of the various specialists to provide the most comprehensive treatment for vascular lesions. In addition, access is available to a variety of additional specialties and resources throughout the Lurie Children’s network, when they are needed.

We evaluate and treat:
- Venous malformations
- Arteriovenous malformations
- Capillary malformations
- Lymphatic malformations
- Mixed malformations
- Hemangiomas and other vascular tumors
- Syndromes associated with vascular lesions of the skin and soft tissues

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