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Raquel first noticed symptoms like pencil thin stools, pain, bloating, and blood in her stool. She then started getting full quickly after eating. But when she finally went to the doctor, she was dismissed and told "it was just anxiety." She then ended up in the emergency room and was later diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer, and it had spread to her liver, ovaries, and lungs.

In this cancer vlog, she aims to raise awareness about rising colorectal cancer rates in young people and the importance of listening to your body!

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:34 My first symptoms
02:14 Symptoms I personally experienced
04:37 My primary care doctor dismissed my symptoms
07:45 Learning I had cancer at the emergency room
11:59 Processing my cancer diagnosis
12:20 My treatment plan
13:50 Being on chemotherapy for life
15:48 Looking for other opinions
16:50 Words of advice

To learn more about IBS symptoms vs. colon cancer โ†’ https://tinyurl.com/2tktb3jp

The interview has only been edited for clarity.

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My Symptoms Were Blamed as Anxiety - Raquel | Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer | The Patient Story

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