Prostate Cancer - Bill's Story

07/07/23 - When Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had several treatment options. The choice was up to him, but Bill was shaken by the cancer diagnosis, scared, and not sure how he could make the right decision. He was relieved when he found help at Maine Medical Center, particularly from a patient navigator who supported him throughout his cancer journey.


BILL ROYALL: I'm a stone carver, and I make jewelry.

These are the Tetons, where we spend the winter.

I skied one hundred and three days last winter.

I have, you know, a lot of different things I do. I have an active life.

We had to go in and talk to the doctor.

He said, "Well, you've got cancer."

It's scary.

And it's hard to make good, solid, decisions, when you're scared.

There were people there that, helped us learn,

and again the Nurse Navigators, were priceless.

TRACY ROBBINS: So as a Nurse Navigator, my role is to really help them

understand their diagnosis and their treatment options.

Patients are referred to me at their initial diagnosis. It's brand new for them, so a lot of them are pretty anxious.

When they just want to know what's going to happen to them.

Most prostate cancer patients have options.

Whether it be active surveillance, or active treatment.

They could have surgery, they could have radiation.

DR. IAN BRISTOL: It's very important for patients who have options,

to go into any treatment with a very full understanding.

I see my major role as a physician, to provide patients with an education.

DR. MATTHEW HAYN: The tumor conference at Maine Medical Center is a great resource.

We have surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and our nurse navigator

all participating in a discussion about each individual patient and the best course of treatment.

The navigator within the tumor conference can be the voice of the patient

and can really advocate for the patient's best interest.

TRACY: I enjoying working with patients and providing them with an education,

and really being part of their cancer journey with them.

And they know they can call me at any time.

From their initial diagnosis through active treatment, into survivorship.

EMERY ROYAL: It was wonderful to be able to be there.

BILL: I was amazed how smoothly, and how graceful, the whole process was.

I know I went to the right place and had the right thing done.

I ended up making the best decision for me.

It fit me, fit my body, fit the family.

It's not easy.

But we had a lot of help.

I had a spouse, nurse navigators, had Maine Med, you know.

It was good.

I'm here. I've lived to tell about it.

(OFF CAMERA): Here comes Billy Boy!

BILL: Yahoo!

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