How To Check Cervical Cancer In Telugu || Test for Cervical Cancer || Avira Hospitals #tips #shorts


How To Check Cervical Cancer In Telugu || Test for Cervical Cancer || Avira Hospitals

#avirafertility #cervicalcancer #shortvideo

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Avira Fertility Hospitals has been established by Team of Senior Doctors with 25+years experience in the field. With the mission of providing International Standard Quality, Affordable and Ethical Fertility Treatments.

Avira Fertility Hospitals located in Heart of Hyderabad-Hitec City and Branches @ Secunderabad, Yousufguda, Miyapur, Mahabubnagar, with World-Class Infrastructure, Most Advanced Technology in the World-Class 10,000 IVF Lab, Providing Integrated Medical, Surgical, Genetic Treatments And Diagnostic Services for all Male And Female Infertility Conditions.

Our Services: In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) | Intra Uterine Insemination(IUI) | Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI) | Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) | Preimplantation Genetic Testing(PGT) | Endometrial Receptivity Analysis(ERA) | Endometrial Platelet Rich Plasma (E-PRP) | Cryopreservation( Egg And Sperm Freezing) | Laparoscopy | Hysteroscopy | Complete Diagnostics And Laboratory Services

9 reasons whyAVIRA Fertility Hospitals is Trusted by Couples?

1. CompleteTeam of Senior Specialists at AVIRA Fertility Hospitals:
The Gyneacologists, Fertility Consultants, Laparoscopic Surgeons, Andrologists, Anesthetists, Radiologists, General Physicians,with 25+ year experience work 24/7 for your successful Fertility journey.

2. Integrated Treatments under one roof:
All the Diagnostic Tests and Advanced Treatments in one place at AVIRA Fertility Hospitals Saves your Time, Effort And Money. Alleviates the anxiety of running between multiple locations.

3. Among the Most advanced IVF labs in the world:
class 10,000 certified IVF Lab at AVIRA Fertility Hospitals, has been setup to ensurethe highest IVF success rates.

4. Proven High Success Rates:
Happy couples stand testimonial to AVIRA Fertility Hospitalsโ€™ success rate of 62.5% (India average is 30-35%, international average from developed countries is 45-50%).
Success rate in 35+ year couples is 58%

5. Evidence Based Treatments:
At AVIRA Fertility Hospitalsevery patientโ€™s treatment plan is based on the Current International Research and Protocols

6. Quality Controlled Systems:
Quality is top priority at Every step in AVIRA Fertility Hospitals. Highest Quality is ensured through dedicated quality control systemsin every aspect.

7.Personalised Treatments Plans: Every couple presents with unique set of challenges and our Team of Specialists at AVIRA Fertility Hospitals for focus on them, to deliver success to each couple.

8. Transparent and Ethical practices:
At AVIRA Fertility Hospitals we believe first and foremost values are to beTransparent and Ethical, especially while dealing with Human Life. Our Founders, our Team of Doctors, our staff strictly abide by it at all times.

9. Family Supportive Holistic Approach:
For a couple Fertility journey is both medical and psycho-socially demanding, byunderstand the needs of individual couples and their families, AVIRA Fertility Hospitals is committed to provide supportive care through our team of doctors,nurses,counsellors,supporting staff-from Consultation to Conception. All while ensuring complete privacy and discretion.

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