How I Got Through 2 Cancer Diagnoses (Multiple Myeloma & Breast Cancer) | Valarie's Story


Valarie’s life flipped in an instant after she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. At first, she became overwhelmed with fear but she slowly turned that fear into learning more about her disease. She explains how she processed her diagnosis, the treatment she underwent and the fears and challenges of going through a stem cell transplant.

But just as she was recovering from her multiple myeloma treatments and trying to get back to a “normal life,” she learned about a second cancer diagnosis.

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The interview has only been edited for clarity.

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Contents of the Video:
00:00 - intro
01:25 - Stem cell transplant process
06:35 - Recovering from the stem cell transplant
13:54 - Maintenance therapy post stem cell transplant
16:09 - Testing for minimal residual disease (MRD)
24:42 - Dealing with the healthcare system as a black woman
29:45 - How culture influences health care
32:20 - Receiving a second cancer diagnosis
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